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Our History, Vision, Mission

"The church on the hill where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord!"


Our mission is to Make The Kingdom Proud as we strive to live and give Jesus to others wherever they are on their spiritual journey – at the beginning or whether they already have a relationship with God – in a diverse, multi-cultural, multi-generational Praise and Worship environment that goes beyond the walls of Cochran and reaches as far as God directs.


We give thanks to God for allowing Cochran Avenue Baptist Church to continue to be a beacon on the hill for over ninety years!  

Cochran continues to flourish in this ever growing, ever changing community. The Ministry rapidly overcome neighborhood prejudices and won its way into the hearts and homes of people of all nationalities. Cochran soon became a vibrant asset to the surrounding community and has been become a diverse body of Christ.

The church membership has continued to grow under the guidance of 15 Pastors including our longest tenured Pastor, Pastor Percy R. Hill and our current anointed Pastor, Pastor Charles R. Johnson, who has shepherded Cochran for 10 years. Each Pastor who has served at Cochran has brought their own unique qualities to the Ministry, teaching the membership while edifying the Body of Christ. Pastor Johnson's vision has stretched our mission to include the charge of Making The Kingdom Proud as we live each day.

Our church history not only includes many esteemed Pastors but a host of faithful members who have worked long and hard in the Ministry of Cochran Avenue Baptist Church. 

As we look through our history there are some notable accomplishments including the exceptional teaching of God's Word by Rev. Dr. Lacy D. Williams as he taught the members how to live a Christian life, how to love one another, and taught Biblical history along with God's Word and under his leadership Cochran Avenue Baptist Church was officially purchased from the Los Angeles Baptist City Mission Society in 1980.  Under Pastor Percy Hill's leadership, the balance owed on the church was paid off and noted with a mortgage burning service and celebration!   

Pastor Hill served faithfully until he was called home to be with the Lord on July 26, 2008. Cochran began the search for a new pastor and in November 2008 selected Rev. Charles Johnson as its Pastor.

There is a renewed enthusiasm here at Cochran – one that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit using this man of God. The membership truly loves our Pastor and First Family. We are amazed at how God is using him to teach, preach the word, inspire the membership to walk closer with God and take His Word beyond the walls of Cochran.  


Cochran's Vision aligns with Cochran's Mission, "To Make The Kingdom Proud".

We must first govern how we live and give God each day. This entails 'giving' outside the walls of our church, community, city, State and Country!

The arms of Cochran's Ministry continue to reach further through our Outreach Ministries which include feeding those in need of a meal through our feeding ministry, originally founded at The Good Seed Kitchen and renamed Christ's Kitchen; through our clothing ministry which provides free clothing to anyone in need; feeding those living on our downtown streets with not only food but God's Word; and sharing the Gospel of Jesus through our Convalescent and 'Preaching In The Park' Ministries.

A renewed sense of Spiritual Revival is being evidenced with Pastor Johnson's Visionary teaching of God's Word, his inspiration for walking closer to God as we strive to Make The Kingdom Proud and taking The Gospel of Jesus beyond the walls of Cochran.

We are excited about our growing E-Church – Cochran Members, Friends and those seeking the Truth of Jesus across the country and world united through the Love of Jesus Christ and faithfully believing God!

If you are seeking a closer walk with God, we invite you to 'Get Connected' with Cochran! Listen to the anointed teaching of Pastor Johnson, live or from the Sermon library and sign up to be an E-Church member!

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